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Deep Purple live in Karlsruhe 1998-06-17

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Just coming back from the show in Karlsruhe....

Opener were German metal band Rage together with a "chamber version" of the Lingua Mortis orchestra (only 3 people of normally 22). Bad thing was these people  were way too low in the mix and Rage played only songs from their actual CD "XIII" and the Rolling Stones cover "Paint It Black"...

Purple entered the stage at about 21:20 and played for less than two hours. The band was in a fine shape, especially Big I sounded better than on last tour...

A disappointing fact was the setlist: where were the promised surprises? Instead of keeping "Into The Fire" in the setlist (only played once in Germany) and digging out some never-played-live songs, they re-introduced live standards like "Strange Kind Of Woman" and kept sogs like "Woman From Tokyo".

To sum up: it was a bit like a movie featuring some great actors but with a script you always have the feeling you know what will happen in the next 5 minutes...

Deep Purple / Pan Ram tour 1996

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deepPur.ple in Ulm (12/03 - first) and Hanau (30/03 - last gig in Germany) or "Who needs Ritchie Blackmore ???"

As I was just there to enjoy the music, I've made no notes and therefore here are only a few thoughts about both gigs:

the venue:

Both venues about the same size. No controls of the audience in Ulm, each one was searched in Hanau. "No Smoking!" in Hanau - this must be the real spirit of Rock'n'Roll. :-)

the audience:

Typical deepPur.ple audience in Ulm - people of all ages, well mixed. In Hanau the average age of the audience seemed to be lower - more younger people than at the other DP gigs I've been.

the support: PAN RAM

In Ulm, I thought that I was one of the three or four people who enjoyed their show. The main part of the audience seemed to dislike them. In Hanau, their performance had become a little better than in Ulm. Also the acceptance by the audience was way better than in Ulm. No "deepPur.ple" cries during their show, no whistles.

the sound:

Not so good in Ulm, but very clear and well balanced in Hanau.

the merchandise:

Partially cheaper in Hanau than in Ulm. I really don't know why. I've bought a t-shirt, a mug and the yearbook, which is really great. Merchandise stand in the middle of the hall in Hanau, directly behind the mixing equipment.


Really great at both venues - they really blew me away. The set included "Purpendicular Waltz" in Hanau, which was left away in Ulm. Ian Gillan changed his clothing from his well know jacket in Ulm to a Purpendicular T-shirt in Hanau (where he was also wearing a grey hat, a grey pullover and a DP shawl from time to time). Roger was wearing a blue scarf in Ulm and one with Yin/Yan in Hanau. Steve used his wolf-T-shirt in Ulm and a multi-colored one in Hanau. Jon and Ian Paice desssed the same at both gigs.

Instead of a detailed review of the musical performance just one quotation of a guy who has seen them first back in '72: "The best deepPur.ple I've ever seen! - Who needs Ritchie Blackmore?"


I had an absolutely great time - 'hope to see them again soon...