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ppm-local is a Perl-script to create a local copy of the ActiveState Perl Package Manager repository.


ppm-local is published under the Perl Artistic License 2.0.

System requirements

Any machine running Perl 5.x

Included files

  • ppm-local.pl


Run ppm-local from the command line using at least the "action" parameter. Syntax is

usage: ppm-local.pl --action=[load|reload] [parameters]

Mandatory parameters:

  • action=load
    Load 'package.xml' if necessary and continue loading missing packages.
  • action=reload
    Load 'package.xml' and continue loading missing packages.

Optional parameters:

  • repository=URL
    Use URL for download, default is 'http://ppm4.activestate.com/MSWin32-x86/5.14/1405/'
    You can get the URL used by your current ActivePerl installation from the "Edit" / "Preferences" - dialog of your Perl Package Manager
  • limit=n
    Download a maximum of n packages per run, default is 99999
  • runtime=n
    Run for a maximum of n minutes, default is 60
  • localdir=directory
    Directory containing local repository, default is '.'

Run ppm-local without parameters to view a short man page including the default values.


This software is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

Use at OWN risk!


0.2a [2015-12-09]

  • added: error handling

0.2 [2013-06-23]

  • added: parameter 'localdir'
  • fixed: ppm-local missed a few packages

0.1 [2013-06-22]

  • initial release


ppm-local (RAR-Archive, 2kb)

stripClip: strip format from clipboard

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When copying text from one application to another, the original format will be preserved by the Windows clipboard if you're copying from one rich text editor to another.

While this behaviour might be wanted in some scenarios, sometimes - when copying from Microsoft Word to a CMS backend for example - copying just the contents without the format would be the preferred way.

A quick & dirty solution is to copy the text first to the Windows Notepad, and then from Notepad to the target application - a way that might be suitable a few copies but also a way that get's frustrating when having to copy a larger quantity of text snippets.

This is where stripClip comes in: a lightweight (32kb) application that - when active - strips the format from text the moment the text is copied to the clipboard.



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backupDB is a PHP script to dump a MySQL database and send the dump to a given e-mail for backup purposes.
It was inspired by the backup function of the WordPress plugin "wp-dbmanager".


backupDB is published under GPL/GNUv3

System requirements

  • PHP 4.x or newer
  • MySQL 4.x or newer


Download the package and unpack it. Edit "config.php" for custom configuration.


Delete the contents of the package.


Once installed, run "backupDB.php"


  • $backup['path']
    path where the backups will be temporarily stored; default is script location
  • $backup['log']
    path where logfile will be stored; default is script location
  • $backup['email']
    the email address where the backups will be send to
  • $backup['todo']
    list of databases to backup

$backup['todo'] options

  • description
    Description of the database, will be used as mail subject
  • host
    database host
  • database
    database name
  • ignore-table
    comma separated list of name(s) of database table(s) to exclude from backup; leave empty if all tables should be included, no whitespaces allowed
  • user
    database user
  • password
    database password


This software is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

Use at OWN risk!


0.3 [2013-05-27]

  • changed: ignore-table now accepts more than one tablename

0.2 [2013-10-26]

  • added: description for backup set
  • added: option to exclude single table

0.1 [2013-05-29]

  • initial release


backupDB (RAR-archive, 14kb)

4ier - a Google Nexus 4 wallpaper

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4ierThe new default wallpaper for the Nexus 5 looks great on the Nexus 4 devices too, but the 5 in the wallpaper doesn't feel quite right.

So here's an interpretation of a "4" (called vier in German) using similar colors and gradients.


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tinyTimer is a small (in screen size and kB) stopwatch for Windows.