Schlagwort: tinyDoc

Joomla! component tinyDoc

10. November 2017 · Downloads · andreas · 40 Kommentare

tinyDoc is a document management system for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.

It allows you to upload and manage files on your Joomla! site, organize them by folders and assign icons for distinct file types.

This is the component for the administrator section - the output will be done using the tinyDoc module or by linking to a file using the Joomla! menu manager.

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Joomla! module tinyDoc

21. September 2017 · Downloads · andreas · 19 Kommentare

tinyDoc is a module to display the documents managed by the tinyDoc component.

The highly configurable output includes an file-type dependant icon, the document name, description, filesize and download link.

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