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aeroCMD: transparency for the Windows command prompt

29. Mai 2019 · Downloads · andreas · 5 Kommentare

aeroCMD enables transparency for your Windows command prompt:

aeroCMD Screenshot

Inspired by the AutoIt-application “Glass CMD”, the basic idea behind aeroCMD was to do the same thing without the overhead of a scripting system running in the background. There’s already a pure C++ application called “Glassy” out there, but according to it’s description it works on 32bit “cmd.exe” only.

aeroCMD is a lightweight (48kb) application that works with 32bit and 64bit “cmd.exe” and “powershell.exe”.

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stripClip: strip format from clipboard

30. Juli 2015 · Downloads · andreas · Kein Kommentar

When copying text from one rich text editor to another, the original format will be preserved by the Windows clipboard. While this behaviour might be wanted in some scenarios, sometimes - when copying from Microsoft Word to a CMS backend for example - copying just the contents without the format would be the preferred way.

A quick & dirty solution is to copy the text first to the Windows Notepad, and then from Notepad to the target application - a way that might be suitable a few copies but also a way that get’s frustrating when having to copy a larger quantity of text snippets.

This is where stripClip comes in: a lightweight (32kb) application that - when active - strips the format from text the moment the text is copied to the clipboard.

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19. März 2011 · Downloads · andreas · Kein Kommentar

tinyTimer is a small (in screen size and kB) stopwatch for Windows.

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