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stripClip: strip format from clipboard

stripClip: strip format from clipboard

When copying text from one application to another, the original format will be preserved by the Windows clipboard if you’re copying from one rich text editor to another.

While this behaviour might be wanted in some scenarios, sometimes – when copying from Microsoft Word to a CMS backend for example – copying just the contents without the format would be the preferred way.


Joomla! component tinyDoc

Joomla! component tinyDoc

tinyDoc is a document management system for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.

It allows you to upload and manage files on your Joomla! site, organize them by folders and assign icons for distinct file types.

This is the component for the administrator section – the output will be done using the tinyDoc module or by linking to a file using the Joomla!


Joomla! module tinyDoc

Joomla! module tinyDoc

tinyDoc is a module to display the documents managed by the tinyDoc component.

The highly configurable output includes an file-type dependant icon, the document name, description, filesize and download link.


aeroCMD: transparency for the Windows command prompt

aeroCMD: transparency for the Windows command prompt

aeroCMD enables transparency for your Windows command prompt:

Inspired by the AutoIt-application „Glass CMD„, the basic idea behind aeroCMD was to do the same thing without the overhead of a scripting system running in the background. There’s already a pure C++ application called „Glassy“ out there, but according to it’s description it works on 32bit CMD.exe only.

aeroCMD is a lightweight (48kb) application that works with both, 32bit and 64bit CMD.exe.



backupDB is a PHP script to dump a MySQL database and send the dump to a given e-mail for backup purposes.
It was inspired by the backup function of the WordPress plugin „wp-dbmanager„.


backupDB is published under GPL/GNUv3

System requirements

  • PHP 4.x or newer
  • MySQL 4.x or newer


Download the package and unpack it. Edit „config.php“ for custom configuration.