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backupDB is a PHP script to dump a MySQL database and send the dump to a given e-mail for backup purposes.
It was inspired by the backup function of the WordPress plugin “wp-dbmanager“.


backupDB is published under GPL/GNUv3

System requirements

  • PHP 4.x or newer
  • MySQL 4.x or newer


Download the package and unpack it. Edit “config.php” for custom configuration.


Joomla! plugin sectionList

Joomla! plugin sectionList

sectionList displays a list of articles assigned to a category within your text.

The configurable list will be grouped by category tree.


sectionList is published under GNU/GPLv3

System Requirements

  • Joomla! CMS 2.5.x / 3.x
  • NOT compatible with Joomla! CMS 1.X


Download the plugin using the link at the end of this page.

Install the package using the Joomla! Extension Manager.


Joomla! component tinyDoc

Joomla! component tinyDoc

tinyDoc is a document management system for Joomla! 2.5.x.

It allows you to upload and manage files on your Joomla! site, organize them by folders and assign icons for distinct file types.

This is the component for the administrator section – the output will be done using the tinyDoc module or by linking to a file using the Joomla! menu manager.


4ier – a Google Nexus 4 wallpaper

4ier – a Google Nexus 4 wallpaper

The new default wallpaper for the Nexus 5 looks great on the Nexus 4 devices too, but the 5 in the wallpaper doesn’t feel quite right.

So here’s an interpretation of a “4” (called vier in German) using similar colors and gradients.



ppm-local is a Perl-script to create a local copy of the ActiveState Perl Package Manager repository.


ppm-local is published under the Perl Artistic License 2.0.

System requirements

Any machine running Perl 5.x

Included files



Run ppm-local from the command line using at least the “action” parameter. Syntax is

usage: --action=[load|reload] [parameters]

Mandatory parameters:

  • action=load
    Load ‘package.xml’ if necessary and continue loading missing packages.