ppm-local is a Perl-script to create a local copy of the ActiveState Perl Package Manager repository.


ppm-local is published under the Perl Artistic License 2.0.

System requirements

Any machine running Perl 5.x

Included files

  • ppm-local.pl


Run ppm-local from the command line using at least the „action“ parameter. Syntax is

usage: ppm-local.pl --action=[load|reload] [parameters]

Mandatory parameters:

  • action=load
    Load ‚package.xml‘ if necessary and continue loading missing packages.
  • action=reload
    Load ‚package.xml‘ and continue loading missing packages.

Optional parameters:

  • repository=URL
    Use URL for download, default is ‚http://ppm4.activestate.com/MSWin32-x86/5.14/1405/‘
    You can get the URL used by your current ActivePerl installation from the „Edit“ / „Preferences“ – dialog of your Perl Package Manager
  • limit=n
    Download a maximum of n packages per run, default is 99999
  • runtime=n
    Run for a maximum of n minutes, default is 60
  • localdir=directory
    Directory containing local repository, default is ‚.‘

Run ppm-local without parameters to view a short man page including the default values.


This software is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

Use at OWN risk!


0.2a [2015-12-09]

  • added: error handling

0.2 [2013-06-23]

  • added: parameter ‚localdir‘
  • fixed: ppm-local missed a few packages

0.1 [2013-06-22]

  • initial release


ppm-local (RAR-Archive, 2kb)

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