symList - clickable function list for Sublime Text

06. September 2018 · Downloads · andreas · 6 Kommentare

Unlike UltraEdit, Sublime Text doesn’t offer a clickable functions list for mouse based code navigation.

symList is a quick & dirty workaround for Sublime Text which displays the builtin symbols list for the current document as a dedicated column on the right side of the editor screen.


4ier - a Google Nexus 4 wallpaper

03. Dezember 2013 · Downloads · andreas · 1 Kommentar

4ierThe new default wallpaper for the Nexus 5 looks great on the Nexus 4 devices too, but the 5 in the wallpaper doesn’t feel quite right.

So here’s an interpretation of a “4” (called vier in German) using similar colors and gradients.


22. Juni 2013 · Downloads · andreas · Kein Kommentar

ppm-local is a Perl-script to create a local copy of the ActiveState Perl Package Manager repository.



29. Mai 2013 · Downloads · andreas · Kein Kommentar

backupDB is a PHP script to dump a MySQL database and send the dump to a given e-mail for backup purposes.
It was inspired by the backup function of the WordPress plugin “wp-dbmanager”.


Joomla! module tinyDoc

18. Juni 2012 · Downloads · andreas · 19 Kommentare

tinyDoc is a module for Joomla! 2.5.x / 3.x / 4.x to display the documents managed by the tinyDoc component.

The highly configurable output includes an file-type dependant icon, the document name, description, filesize and download link.