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tinyDoc is a document management system for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x.

It allows you to upload and manage files on your Joomla! site, organize them by folders and assign icons for distinct file types.

This is the component for the administrator section - the output will be done using the tinyDoc module or by linking to a file using the Joomla! menu manager.


tinyDoc is published under GNU/GPLv3

System Requirements

  • Joomla! CMS 2.5.x or 3.x


Download the component using the link at the end of this page and install it using the Joomla! Extension Manager.


Uninstall the component by using the Joomla! Extension Manager.


After installing, you will find a new menu called "tinyDoc" in your components menu.

You can select the different functions bei either accessing one of the submenu entries or by opening tinyDoc and using the top menu.

Manage documents

The "manage documents" screen offers a view of the documents uploaded to your site. You can filter the files either by name, the folder a document is assigned to, the file type or its state.

To add a new document, click the "New" button on the menu.

To edit an already existing document, click on the name.

To delete documents, check the selection box at the beginning of the corresponding line and click the "Delete" button on the menu.

To download a document, click on the icon in the corresponding line.

To change the state of a document, click on the state-icon in the corresponding line.

Add / edit documents

The "add / edit document" screen allows you to either add a new document to your site or edit an already uploaded document.

file: select a file to upload. If you're editing a document, the file on the server will be replaced with the selected file. Leave empty if you want to keep the original file.

folder: the folder the document will be assigned to.

description: the description of the document.

publish: the initial state of the document.

Manage folders

The "manage folders" screen offers a view of the tinyDoc folders created on your site.

To add a new folder, click the "New" button on the menu.

To edit an already existing folder, click on the name.

To delete folders, check the selection box at the beginning of the corresponding line and click the "Delete" button on the menu. To avoid unwanted loss of data, it is only allowed to delete empty folders.

Add / edit folders

The "add / edit folder" screen allows you to either add a new folder or edit an already existing folder.

name: the name of the folder

parent: parent folder, will be '---' for root folders

Manage filetypes

The "manage types" screen offers a list of thedistinct filetypes (mime-types) uploaded to your site. You can select a distinct icon for each type.

To set / change the filetype, click on the radio-button preceeding the icon.


description length: maximum description length to be displayed in the "manage documents" screen

date format: strftime compatible string for the date format used in the "manage documents" screen without the leading '%'

convert size: convert size to KB, MB, GB in the "manage documents" screen

default icon: icon to be used for filetypes not set in the "manage types" screen


This software is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

Use at OWN risk!


0.8 [2017-11-10]

  • added: basic (very basic!) ACL support to allow or deny backend access

0.7 [2017-01-04]

  • added: current filtered folder (if set) is used as default for new documents

0.6.2 [2015-05-16]

  • fixed: "manage documents" view not showing correct document order

0.6.1 [2015-05-15]

  • changed: Joomla! 3.x compliant document ordering
  • fixed: various code fixes

0.6 [2014-11-02]

  • initial release for Joomla! 3.x

0.5.5 [2014-01-16]

  • fixed: some more Warnings in PHP strict mode
  • final release for Joomla! 2.5.x

0.5.4 [2013-06-03]

  • fixed: Warnings in PHP strict mode

0.5.3 [2012-09-04]

  • fixed: tinyDoc now falls back to the "manage documents" view when a file larger than the maximum sizes defined in the php.ini is uploaded; thanks to Steve for reporting
  • changed: button ordering is now more consistent with Joomla! standard; thanks to Alex for suggesting

0.5.2 [2012-08-17]

  • fixed: improved error handling if something goes wrong during file upload; thanks to Steve for reporting
  • fixed: submenu not showing on new/edit document and new/edit folder view

0.5.1 [2012-08-16]

  • fixed: type icons not showing in admin interface if Joomla! is not installed in server root; thanks to Steve for reporting

0.5 [2012-08-09]

  • added: manual sort order
  • info: mod_tinydoc has to be upgraded, too

0.4 [2012-08-04]

  • added: a direct link to a file could be added using the Joomla! menu manager; thanks to Sonia for the suggestion
  • fixed: missing MIME-type for some files

0.3 [2012-07-20]

  • added: documents can be downloaded by clicking on the icon in the 'documents' view
  • added: documents can be filtered by file type in the 'documents' view
  • fixed: missing scheme for tinyDoc in the schemes-table
  • info: mod_tinydoc has to be upgraded, too

0.2.1 [2012-07-09]

  • fixed: module was missing 'index.html'-file in some folders

0.2 [2012-07-05]

  • added: tinyDoc now supports updates using the Joomla! Extension Manager
  • changed: license is now GNU/GPLv3

0.1 [2012-06-18]

  • initial release


com_tinydoc for Joomla! 2.5.x (ZIP-archive; 49,6kb)

com_tinydoc for Joomla! 3.x (ZIP-archive; 50,1kb)

40 Kommentare

  1. Module options allows selection of a custom layout with three text boxes to be input: custom layout begin, item and end. How do I define a custom layout? I would like the doc list to be displayed in a table with two rows and six columns. Will this be possible?

    • Hi tagMacher,
      it is. All you need is a little knowledge about how HTML-tables are built:

      Enter <table> as „Custom Layout Begin“ and </table> as „Custom Layout End“.

      The contents of the „Custom Layout Item“ box will be used in a loop to for each item to display, so <tr><td><a href="###url###">###name###</a></td></tr> will hopefully point you to the right direction.

  2. Hi,

    is it possible to have more than 1 folder displayed in 1 article / module?

    Or May this work?

    -Other Docs
    -Other Doc.doc
    -Other Doc.txt

    I'd like to add Documents to an Article and have all the subfiles Displayed for download.



    • It is. See the answer to the comment below.

  3. Hi,

    is it possible to have more than 1 folder displayed?

    For Excamle:

    • It is. A module can only display one (root) folder, but an article can have multiple modules and a folder can include multiple subfolders.

  4. Hi Andreas,

    Thank you for this extension - it is very good. I am having a problem with large PDF files with a large number of images - they do not display, I just get a blank page. Any suggestions?


    • Hi,
      have a look at the server upload limits set in the PHP configuration, this might do the trick.

  5. thanks .. goo component

  6. Hi Andreas

    Thanks for that. Am new to Joomla however I’ve used the {loadposition..} command to get the documents included in the article and that works fine. I’ll now create several modules as advised.

    Great support – much appreciated.



  8. excelent

  9. Brilliant extension, I have been using it for years, but after updating my website template recently, all the headings have disappeared from the document download boxes.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi David,

      each Joomla! module has a setting to either show or hide the module title. It's unlikely that an update of the template messed around with these settings, but it might be worth a check.
      If this doesn't help, have a a look at the source of one of the page containing the downloads and ensure the titles are still in the source. If so, please check the stylesheet for corresponding entries.
      Last but not least, add another module and see if the title is also missing.


  10. It is a nice component. Will there in the future a front-end upload?

    that is the only thing i miss

    • A front-end uploader is planned.

  11. wow, this is a best doc manager extension, simple and straight forward. however, for the upgrade please add the sorting and searching optional.

  12. Hi Andreas,

    thank you for this simple and excelent component. I would like to ask where the files are stored ?


    • Thanks for your positive review. The files are stored in a directory called 'tinydoc_documents', located in the root of your Joomla! installation. The naming of the files is quite simple, it's just the id as a 10-digit number, filled with leading zeroes.

  13. Hi, this is a very good program for joomla, only is there a possibility to add docs add front end?

    • Hi, a front-end uploader is currently not available.

  14. I was searching for a simple module to provide some downloads for my website. This module works and serves my needs well. I hope developing goes on in future. Thanx!

  15. I am a "newbie" of Joomla! and i was looking for an easy-to-use tool for downloading files. Your tinyDoc was exactly what I needed. I set up and used it in minutes! Great job. Thankyou very nuch for your work.

  16. Hi, Does tinydoc work with Joomla 3.1.1?
    I installed it and I´m having the 404 error in component.

    • Hi, never tried it as I'm still running 2.5.x.

  17. looking to change the "download" text to an icon. possible?

    • Right now there's no way to do this using the web frontend.

  18. Hi

    I've created a menu item that leads to an article that shows the list of docs to download but I can only get it show the contents of 1 folder and I wondered if it was possible to show multiple folders e.g;

    Price Lists

    I can only configure the module for a single article and maybe that's as good as it gets?

    Also, would like to say this a great extension - very simple to use. Even if it won't cope with my complicated set up!

    Many thanks

    Kenny Watt.

    • Hi Kenny,

      you can do this by creating several modules and use the {loadposition ...} command within a "normal" article.

      • Hi Andreas

        Thanks for that. Am new to Joomla however I've used the {loadposition..} command to get the documents included in the article and that works fine. I'll now create several modules as advised.

        Great support - much appreciated.


  19. I am having this error with not only your component, but one other. After I install it I get a 404 error saying component not found, not sure what the problem is but I will investigate a little more. Thanks

    • Hi,

      do you experience the error after installing tinyDoc or the other component and what's the name of this component?

  20. good

  21. I second the request for ACL support. The main reason I upgraded to 2.5 was to start delegating management of website sections. I like the simplicity of tinyDoc and can't find any other document manager that's as easy to set up/use, but I will have to look for one that handles ACLs.

    Many thanks

  22. Thank you for useful product.
    Installation @ Joomla 2.5 worked fine, use is easy, the only point is the button "New" in admin GUI is positioned rightmost while any other Joomla 2.5 admin GUI displays it leftmost.

    I hope very much the product will mature further, although it completely covers my needs right now. Thanks!

  23. Great idea and exactly what I need. Just two issues, one major and one minor

    1. There appears to be a size limit of files - I've tried it with PDFs <2MB and it is great, PDFs larger than 2MB, it refuses to copy the file to the folder. If you copy it manually, you get an error from Adobe Reader saying teh file is damaged.

    2. I tried running this on a WAMP local installation. The icons in the "manage types" tab do not display because under Wamp my path is http://localhost/joomla/components

    Thanks for the component and the module - appreciate your hard work

    • Thanks for the bug report, the missing icons are fixed in the 0.5.1 release.

      For the 2M limit, could you please check your "php.ini" for the values of "upload_max_filesize" and "post_max_size"?

  24. It will be nice to add security support with Joomla group

    • Right now, the component had been developed for the need of a single client - but if there's demand for adding security support, I'll see what I can do.

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