sectionList Joomla!-Plugin

sectionList is a Joomla! content-plugin to display a list of articles assigned to a section within an article. The configurable list will be grouped by categories.


sectionList is published under the Perl Artistic License 2.0.

System requirements

  • Joomla! 1.5

Included files

  • plg_sectionlist.zip: Installable package for the Joomla! extension manager.


After installing the plugin using the extension manager, open the plugin manager to configure and enable the plugin. As it is a content plugin, its full name is „Content – sectionList“.

sectionList has several parameters:

  • Tag for category: HTML tag used to enclose category titles; default is ‚h2‘
  • List type: Type of list to display articles, either unordered or ordered; default is ‚unordered‘
  • Style: CSS style assigned to sectionList; default is ’sectionlist‘

To use the plugin, you first have to get the id of the section you want to display. To do this, open the section manager, find the section you want to list and look at the last column called „ID“.

Now move to the article manager, open the article you want to insert the sectionList (or create a new article) and insert

{sectionlist: <id>}

while replacing the ‚<id>‘ with the id you got from the section manager. While rendering the page, Joomla! will replace the tag with the listing of the section according to your parameters:

The example above shows a sectionList using four articles which are assigned to two categories: First, second and third article to first category and last article to second category.


This software is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty.

Use at OWN risk!



  • public release


plg_sectionlist (Joomla! extension manager installable package, 2kb)

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